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Hidden Elysium

love like ours was never meant to survive...

Hidden Elysium: Home of Elysians
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Welcome to hidden_elysium, a community for Helo (Karl Agathon*) and Boomer (Sharon Valerii*) and home of Elysians! This is the place where we all get to come together and talk about our favorite human/cylon couple, whether it be romance or friendship or any shades in between.

* Battlestar Wikipedia profiles contain S2 spoilers.

For more reading material, hidden_elysium recommends the Unofficial Guide to Helo/Boomer (appropriately titled "Everything I do - I do it for you) written by angel_kathryn.

hidden_elysium is also very honoured to host the Great Helo/Boomer Moments Collection compiled by repr0b8. The collection is divided into sixty five parts (all of which can be found here), and is composed of every important Helo or Boomer related scene spanning the miniseries, season one and two. The scenes are available in either .avi and .wmv format. Also included is a short list of scene captures. Please direct all questions concerning this resource to repr0b8.

What is Elysium?
In Greek mythology, Elysium (for those budding classicists, Elysium is a Latin adoption of the Greek word Elysian – yes, as in the Elysian Fields) was a section of the Underworld – a heavenly place (peaceful and beautiful) where those favoured by the gods rested in the afterlife. The second, "modern" definition of Elysium is a place or condition of ideal happiness.

What are Elysians?
Elysians are Helo/Boomer enthusiasts. Hidden Elysium members voted on a pairing name and the term "Elysians" won. hidden_elysium is the LJ home of Helo/Boomer and, therefore, Elysians.

Mod: shadowserenity (email: ladyserenity_moon @ hotmail. com). If you have questions, I'll have answers. If you violate rules, I'll have the consequences. It's honestly as simple as that.

Rules (a few and all simple):

· No rants or flaming others. Be respectful. Can't we just all get along?
· Discussion posts longer than 15 lines must go under the now infamous lj cut.
· Episode discussion is lovely and encouraged.
· All spoilers should be clearly labelled and placed under an lj cut.
· You may post spoilers and speculation that isn't Helo or Boomer related.
· Do not post someone else's work and then claim it as your own. That goes for both fanfiction and fan art/multimedia.

· They must be on topic. Meaning, they've all got to feature, at least, Boomer or Helo.
· Character pieces aren't just fun for everyone, they go here too (just Helo and Boomer by themselves).
· Fics of other characters and pairings that don't involve Boomer or Helo don't belong here, sadly enough.
· Other Helo or Boomer pairings (i.e. Apollo/Sharon, Helo/Starbuck, Tyrol/Sharon, Six/Helo) are welcome.
· Fanfics should be under lj cuts. That goes for drabbles, too.
· All fanfics should have: title, author, rating, spoilers/timeline, a disclaimer, a summary.
· Run your fiction through a spellchecker before posting.

Fan Art/Multimedia:
· Helo/Boomer art is coveted and welcome.
· Just Helo or just Boomer is fine, as well.
· Anything else, not *so* much.
· Any kind of fan art is fine (wallpapers, mood themes, whatever).
· And that said fanart? Should go under an LJ cut. If they're icons, two or three teasers are fine.
· Specify whether users are permitted to "adopt" your artwork. Posting guidelines (i.e. whether you want people to comment and claim or give specific credit to you) is advisable.

Memories (last updated January 3rd, 2006):
Memories will be grouped using the following pathways:

Community activities > list of community activities.

Episode discussion: (episode name) > discussion list for that episode.

Discussions > list of discussions.

Spoilers: (episode name) > spoilers for that episode.

Fanfiction: (rating) > story list for that rating.
> G
> PG
> PG-13
> R
> NC-17

(Official Hidden Elysium) Challenges: (challenge name) > list of replies to that challenge.

Character pieces: (Helo, Boomer or H/B) > list of character pieces for chosen category.

Drabbles: (Helo, Boomer or H/B) > list of drabbles for chosen category.

FF Recommendations > list of rec posts.

Vid Recommendations > list of vid rec posts.

Icons: (Helo, Boomer or H/B) > list of icon posts for chosen category.

Wallpaper: (Helo, Boomer or H/B) > list of wallpaper posts for chosen category.

Vids: (Helo, Boomer or H/B) > list of music vid posts for chosen category.

Mood themes: (Helo, Boomer or H/B) > list of mood themes for chosen category.

Other multimedia: (Helo, Boomer or H/B) > list of multimedia for chosen category.

Tahmoh > list of Tahmoh-related news and/or multimedia.

Grace > list of Grace-related news and/or multimedia.

Links > list of link posts.

Current challenges:
None currently.

Community icons:
Please take these icons (credit to littledivinity) and spread word of hidden_elysium:

Visit your Helo/Boomer communityVisit your Helo/Boomer communityVisit your Helo/Boomer community

To submit a community icon, please post the avatar to the comm (please note all icons need to say either our community name, tagline or both).

hidden_elysium is currently searching for Grace and Tahmoh actor icons to share amongst our members. Actor icons needn't say our community name.

Official Music 'Vid of hidden_elysium (Elysium by Elysia):
Kindly made by un4scene (Author's note: For all the wonderful folks at Hidden Elysium, where I've waste... er, invested many a time talking about all things Helo/Boomer and BSG. You guys rock! :D) Download through this link (right click and "save target as").

Official hidden_elysium Mood Theme was kindly provided by un4scene and wav.


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